That time when my Telkomsel SIM card cannot make outgoing calls

A few weeks ago my 2 years old iPhone 5 refused to make outgoing voice calls. I suspected it was the shitty Indonesian operator as per usual so I had it checked to Telkomsel.

Not sure if this is related, but whenever I restart the phone, I see this “Sending Message”:

Sending message..

We tried placing my SIM card in another phone and it worked fine.

So we came into conclusion that it was either the iOS or the iPhone. Then I tried restoring everything to factory settings and everything but nothing worked.

I wasn’t entirely sure what happened, because I can receive incoming calls and the data worked fine. So bizarre. Then I stumbled upon this support thread here.

Someone was suggesting I try dialing *#31#. When I tried it, this message popped up.

Setting Interrogation Succeeded

And after dismissing that, I was able to make phone calls. As it turns out, that command actually meant “Show caller ID” and mine was permanently stuck at “Do not show caller ID” for some reasons.

Unfortunately this is not a permanent solution, as sometimes the problem still occurs and I have to dial *#31# again everytime.

So if your Telkomsel number cannot make outgoing calls, try this tip and let me know if it works for you too!

What’s in your bag?

What's in your bag?

On the way back from work a few days ago, I rode 3 kilometers in the rain. It caught me by surprise so I wasn’t prepared. The backpack was wet and I had to check if everything was fine. When I unpacked, I realised I was traveling very light everyday.

I use a 13″ Macbook Air to work, as a nomad web developer who works from cafe to cafe I need all the mobility I can have. The iPad mini is occasionally used for light email correspondency and wireframing. When all else fails aka battery situation, I have a pencil and a notebook.

The rest of the stuff are memory cards, Nintendo 3DS and Pokémon Y, Magic Mouse, 1TB Hard Drive, BCA token and… deodorant plus a change of shirt because I ride a bicycle everywhere and this is Bali. It’s freaking hot.

This all fits inside a very small backpack, which I’m thinking to replace with a messenger bag soon. Any recommendations?

“No camera connected” on OSX?

I’ve been having this bizarre issue for a couple of weeks now, sometimes the iSight camera would stop working on my Macbook Air (Mid 2012).

A quick Google search shows that some people (not a lot apparently) are having this issue, but the cause are various. I’m not sure whether this issue was caused by my recent upgrade to OSX Mavericks, the new version of Skype or the new version of Google Hangout plugin.

Apparently a service called VDCAssistant must be restarted in order to restore the use of iSight camera. I used to restart my laptop to do this, but then I read that we could just do sudo killall VDCAssistant from terminal to do it.

No restart required.

Did you upgrade to OSX Mavericks and break your local websites?

TL;DR: your httpd.conf is reset.

I upgraded from OSX Mountain Lion to Mavericks last night, it was cool and all that but this morning I found that my local websites aren’t working.

You see, it’s usually a good idea to wait for a while when a new OS comes out before upgrading your working machine. Unfortunately I don’t have that kind of patience.

Anyway, if you haven’t upgraded to Mavericks yet, it’s a good idea to backup your apache settings (located in /etc/apache2 and/or /private/etc/apache2/). If you have upgraded, you can visit these locations from your Time Machine backup.

Don’t have a Time Machine backup? Sucks, you should have backups bro.

Anyway, on Mavericks upgrade they commented the PHP module out (again). To start apache you can go to System Preferences > Sharing > Web sharing or command line sudo apachectl start.

To enable PHP module, edit the configuration file /etc/apache2/httpd.conf and uncomment the line #LoadModule php5_module libexec/apache2/ (remove the #).

After that, restart apache using sudo apachectl restart.

Android 4.4’s Codename: Kitkat

Hello Kitkat!

The new Android is going to be called Kitkat, and their websites are updated with this change already. Is this April 1st?

So there you go, the version number and codename are announced already and it was not Android 5.0 codename Key Lime Pie. Good, that name was going to be awkward like Ice Cream Sandwich.

Traditionally, Android is named after desserts and they’re sorted alphabetically. So the next one should be a dessert name starting with L.


#bullseyeghostbusters First Gig: The Report

What happened?

Last night we went to Padang-Padang, a beach well known because it’s secluded and the nature of the location is creepy. Under the rocks and under a bridge.

Who went?



A bunch of guys and Iqbal.

Why, for fuck’s sake?

For science, duh!

How did it go?

We went to several spots, the first one was the bridge on top of the beach. It was a few minutes before midnight. We waited until midnight there to see if there were anything creepy. Continue reading

#bullseyeghostbusters’ First Gig: Padang-Padang Beach!

Oh shit there's something behind me isn't there?

Oh shit there’s something behind me isn’t there?

What’s happening tonight, you ask?

A bunch of boys from Bullseye and yours truly are going out on a trip with one purpose: to check out a creepy place in Padang Padang beach.

Interestingly our group consists of skeptics, agnostics and believers. Each and every one of us with our own motives to check the creepy place out, I myself am driven by curiosity. Are there really such thing as ghosts? If there are, what are they? So many questions.

We’re going in semi-prepared tonight. We’ve got flash lights, regular cameras, an infrared camera, and an item that is supposedly able to “call out” for them whatever they are: kemenyan.

Kemenyan aka Styrax exudate/resin

Kemenyan aka Styrax exudate/resin

We’ll assemble at Bullseye office at 30 minutes to midnight and drive to Padang-Padang. The plan is to arrive there at midnight, hopefully there will be enough lighting from the full moon, but if not we have flash lights.

Upon arrival we’ll make fire somewhere in the vicinity and burn the kemenyan. Once that’s done, we wait.

I’ll publish the findings here, if any. Best not to get too excited about this as nothing may happen, this is what I am expecting. If this is the case, at least I’m going to be on a beach with friends on a full moon. Pretty good scenario.

Despicable Me 2 (2013) vs Monsters University (2013)

First thought about Despicable Me 2: Boy they’re really milking the minions this time! (Figuratively, of course)

Several weeks before the movie came out, Mc Donald’s had this promotion where you could get a “minion” toy for every purchase of Happy Meal. No Gru, no Agnes, no Edith, no Margo. People went crazy!

Despicable Me 2 has a decent story which obviously still revolves around Gru, only this time there are so much more minion actions. Which is cool, everyone loves minions. They’re cute, cuddly, naughty and their gibberish language is adorable.

Google Image result of "Despicable Me 2", minions!

Google Image result of “Despicable Me 2″, minions!

A summer movie indeed, the plot doesn’t really matter. There was a lot of aww moments between Gru and the girls, my favorite part is when Margo meets a cool boy and Gru does whatever he could to get between them, that’s what dads do! In a lot of ways, though, I find this movie to be not better than the first one. That one had a solid story, good twist! I feel like they’re making this for the sole reason of “selling” the minions. Even the bad guys were after the minions to convert them into some sort of evil minion!

Still fun to watch though, 7 out of 10!

This scene from the trailer was not in the movie!

This scene from the trailer was not in the movie!

I entered the theatre with low expectations of Monsters University. You see, when I first saw Monsters INC not a long time ago I wasn’t very impressed by it. Mainly because of the animation quality, it felt 90s. Granted, I watched it a decade after it was released, so this is somewhat irrelevant.

I loved the story though, the idea that monsters scare us because they care and they need scream to power their city is just too funny and silly it could probably be true!

On the first movie we see that Mike and Sully already have this strong friendship but I kind of just assumed that was because they were simply work mates. This movie showed exactly what made them best friends. This movie’s story made sense somehow.

The college problems with friendship, cliques, popularity and so on. Great story. This is the kind of movie that will become a classic, it has so many values!

8 out of 10 would watch again!

My advice is watch them all, Monsters University first though!